Vintage Soft Aqua Retro Bathroom Suite: Tub, Toilet, Wall Sink

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SOLD - A very color Retro Mid Century bathroom suite in soft Aqua. The left drain front skirted 60" tub & 18 1/2" x 16" shelf back wall sink are by Case. The elongated one piece toilet is by Kohler. All are in really good condition. The tub does have some flattening of gloss in the bottom. The faucet on the sink is new. Sold separately or as a set. In store pick up available w/o crating.

Tub: 725.00 (crating 250.00), Toilet 525.00 (crating 150.00), Sink 425.00 (packing 75.00) / Set 1425.00 (Crating cost for set: 350.00)

P Bathroom Suite Soft Aqua Case tub Sink Kohler Toilet 0620