Vintage 1920's Tang Red Wall Hanging Tank Toilet by Standard

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Sold Love the color! Standard called theirs Tang Red...Crane called theirs Persian Red...they are almost exactly the same color. This is a 20's era toilet that has a straight flush tube now, but could be refitted with an offset flush tube if needed. The inside of the bowl is dull, but that disappears when filled with water. That happens to a lot of the darker colored toilets. We do have a matching vitreous china Wall sink (see photos), but it does have quite a few chips (see white specks on photo). There is also an apron tub (not shown) available. It is in ok but not great condition (photos to come). Please contact us with any questions. Shipping is available. Freight quote provided with zip destination. In store pick available as well.

Crating cost for toilet if shipped: 175.00

P Toilet Standard Tang Red Wall Hang Tank