Very Rare Vintage "Madking" Model Orchid de Vincennes Pedestal Sink by Standard

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WHAT A COOL SINK!!! This is way kick butt 12 sided (yep 12 sided) vintage pedestal sink by Standard. In that fun Orchid color, this "Dodecagon" pedestal sink has newer Standard Mid Century faucets on it...and very rare. Called "Madking" & we don't really know why. Maybe due to its crown  I found the listing in one of our vintage Standard plumbing catalogs. Measuring 30 1/4" W x 21 1/2" D x 30 1/4" H. The faucet set is not original since it was originally an integral spigot...meaning that the water actually came out of that bump out (there's a hole there). The faucet was set into the hole where the waste control was. The faucet set is not guaranteed. They look pretty good, but we suggest the stems be repacked. These are Standard faucets though. In store pick avail w/o crating.

Sink crating cost: 200.00 / freight cost quote w/zip destination

P Sink Standard 12 Sided Madking Pedestal Orchid 1119