Hoffman Twins Oil Paintings by Theodore G. Haupt

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Ruth & Helen Hoffman...better know as the Hoffman Twins were artist/authors in the 1930's when these painting were done by renown artist Theodore G. Haupt who executed many works of art...45 New Yorker Magazine covers plus. These 2 paintings were done in 1936 when the 3 were friends in NYC. Most of Haupt's works were Deco or Cubist in nature compared to these oil portraits. Since these are family heirloom portraits they are not for sale. They add a lot of ambiance to the store & thought you may enjoy seeing them!

The Twins wrote books based on their adventures in Iraq during the 1930's. Their first book "we Married an Englishman" chronicled moving to Baghdad so Ruth (left portrait) could marry Mr Brooks...a Lieutenant in the British Army who was in charge of building the first airstrip in Iraq. Their second book was called "our Arabian Nights" which talked about King Faisal's harem & their friendship.  During this era they produced  many genre painting of the peoples of the region. These painting (apprx 100) are for sale...so please inquire!