Antique Vintage Exterior 3pc Copper Sconce w/Chains & Decorative Shade

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SOLD This is a very unusual antique vintage exterior wall sconce, in copper,  with a very unique styling twist in the fact that the light sconce has 3 parts to it: 2 bases with support chains (to make it look like it is very heavy-which it is not) & the main light sconce. A clever combination of styling cues. The shade is a decorative teardrop in frosted glass. It looks like it came from a commercial or institutional building like a courthouse. The whole 3 pcs measure 16" high x 12" deep. A great look for a Tudor home, pub, Arts & Crafts home or small office building.

S/H: 75.00 / in store pick up avail w/o packing

L Sconce Exterior Copper w Chains 16x12 1010